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Together in Singapore

Bridging the Social Distance Between Migrant Workers and Locals in Singapore

The "Together in Singapore" campaign traces its roots back to the efforts of the Hope Initiative Alliance, which initiated the movement to recognize and celebrate the significant contributions of migrant workers and foreign domestic helpers in Singapore. Originating within International Migrants Month, observed annually in December, this campaign is now evolving into a framework dedicated to bridging the social gap between migrant workers and local residents.

Together in Singapore 2023 

The "Together in Singapore" initiative has evolved beyond simple recognition to actively promote integration and reduce social distance between migrant workers and locals. It now includes a variety of programs and initiatives designed to encourage understanding, empathy, and collaboration between these two groups.


Through dialogues, educational efforts, community engagement activities, and advocacy work, "Together in Singapore" seeks to build a more inclusive and united society where everyone feels welcomed and valued regardless of background.


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