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"We need to rediscover the idea of the common good and work together to build a home."

-  Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Charity Principles


Promoting Interfaith Charity

Hope Initiative Alliance (HIA) actively promotes interfaith harmony by engaging in charitable initiatives and volunteerism that uplift the lives of marginalised and less privileged individuals.

HIA collaborates with leaders representing Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Taoist, and other religious groups. Together, they initiate projects aligned with HIA's charitable objectives, contributing significantly to fostering unity among people. This collaborative effort strengthens social cohesion within the nation as the diverse religious communities unite in

meaningful endeavours. 


The Interfaith Charity Advisory Council consists of prominent interfaith leaders from the apex religious organisations in Singapore. They support HIA's efforts to advance faith-based charity and volunteerism.


Championing Community Volunteerism

Hope Initiative Alliance champions volunteerism as a cornerstone of Singaporean society. We foster a culture of compassion and care within our community through engaging and purposeful volunteer opportunities. We firmly believe that volunteerism enhances the lives of those in need and nurtures a sense of unity among individuals from various backgrounds.


We work with approximately 500 volunteers annually, including individuals from diverse backgrounds, corporations, religious organizations, youth groups, and civil society institutions.

Supporting Corporate Social Responsibility

At Hope Initiative Alliance (HIA), we recognise the importance of supporting corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an integral aspect of our charitable efforts. By engaging businesses in our charity work, we enhance the well-being of our community's constituents and engender a palpable sense of collective responsibility and ethical commitment.


HIA's outreach extends across diverse sectors, including but not limited to banking and financial services, logistics, trading and shipping, food and beverages, legal, consultancy, arts, and more. This breadth of engagement underscores our dedication to forging meaningful partnerships with businesses across various industries, united in our pursuit of positive societal transformation.

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