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The Innkeeper’s Project: Help for the Homeless

Staying true to our mission to be an aggregator of assistance and services among hundreds of organisations and associates, Hope Initiative Alliance responded to New Hope Community Services’ appeal to rally support for The Innkeeper’s Project. Under The Innkeeper’s Project, homeless individuals will be temporarily housed in HDB estates; each flat accommodates two to four persons. Other partnering organisations include Methodist Welfare Services, Montfort Care and Singapore Kindness Movement. 

Through the generosity of our partners and donors—such as CDC Funds, SG Strong, and OSCAR@SG Fund—we have managed to provide various essential items such as floor mats, foldable tables and reusable masks to support the needs of almost 260 rough sleepers.  

We have also worked with partners such as SowCare – the charity arm of the Bible Society of Singapore – which supported the project by providing a team of individuals to tend to these homeless individuals, while also handling logistical and administrative tasks. These round-the-clock efforts are inclusive of supplying meals, hygiene essentials and medical assistance – as well as items such as mattresses, pillows, blankets, bedsheets, towels, and many more. These ongoing efforts seek to care for the homeless beyond the circuit breaker period until they are equipped to transition back into a stable and secure environment.


  • New Hope Community Services 

  • SowCare 

  • Methodist Welfare Services 

  • Monfort Care 

  • Singapore Kindness Movement 

  • CDC Funds 

  • SG Strong 

  • OSCAR@SG Fund  

Appeal: The Innkeeper’s Project

How much do you know about  homelessness  in Singapore?  

A study led by Assistant Professor Ng Kok Hoe from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy found that there are about  1,000 people  that live on the streets of Singapore; 87% of whom are men; while 50% are in their 50s or even older. 

In light of the COVID-19 situation and circuit breaker measures, beaches and parks are no longer accessible; rough sleepers are now struggling to find a place to sleep and are highly susceptible to contracting the virus. It is more pressing than ever for us to step up and provide holistic care for these vulnerable individuals. 

The Innkeeper’s Project @NorthEast #CoalitionToEndHomelessnessTogether  is a project organised by the Ministry of Social and Family Development with the Housing & Development Board (HDB), involving several social service organisations. 

With New Hope Community Services (NHCS) fronting the logistics and operations for this project, Methodist Welfare Services and Montfort Care working on the case management, Hope Initiative Alliance (HIA) is pleased to assist in soliciting support and in providing holistic care for the 200 homeless individuals who will be temporarily housed in the 1-room or 2-rooms HDB flats. This project is also supported by Singapore Kindness Movement. 

The Innkeeper’s Project  seeks to provide holistic 24-hour care for the homeless—inclusive of food, hygiene essentials and medical assistance. The fundraising goal is $200,000, which includes ex gratia/allowance for the homeless individuals and staff cost for the 24/7 staff-on-duty, handling the logistical and administrative tasks. 

In-kind donations are mostly needed—such as mattresses, pillows, blankets, bedsheets, towels, and many more. (Please refer to the wishlist for The Innkeeper’s Project.) Owing to hygiene purposes and the COVID-19 situation, new and unused items are preferred. To make in-kind donations and arrange delivery, please call the hotline at 6304 3486 or email to

Let us rally together as one nation to care for the ones who are most vulnerable and in need. Your generous giving will go a long way in allowing these often overlooked and neglected individuals, to know that they matter and are cared for. 

Note: When in excess to the needs, we will share the donated resources to other shelters and S3Ps (Safe, Sound, Sleeping Places). 

Be part of us in  The Innkeeper’s Project @NorthEast. 


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