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Make A Difference: Causes to Donate Your COVID-19 Solidarity Payout

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has put life as we know it on standstill. During these difficult times, there are many people suffering from various causes, besides the obvious. It goes without saying that people on the lowest rungs of the ladder – the homeless, the orphans, the immigrant workers, the disabled, the old and the infirm – are the ones most affected by this situation. Governments around the world, along with charity organizations, are doing everything in their power to help the needy. But more help is always needed. The Singapore government had paid out solidarity payouts to all its citizens to help combat the effects of the lockdown to counter the outbreak of coronavirus. While many can still get by without this payout, there are also many more that are less privileged. If you are in a comfortable enough position during this worldwide pandemic, do consider to donate your solidarity payout to these struggling members of our society.

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