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Dream Dreams Again: Reaching and Caring for the Guest Workers

Updated: Feb 1

As COVID-19 affects all aspects of our lives, it also impacts and continues to determine the life courses of many guest workers in Singapore, especially those living in factory-converted dormitories (FCDs). Launched on Good Friday, 10 April, by the Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach - a movement of Hope Initiative Alliance - the Care Meals Distribution Project evolved to last three months, providing a total of more than 1 million Care Meals for hundreds of thousands of guest workers in more than 300 FCDs.  Beyond Phases 1 and 2, the initiative is also rolling out a series of educational programmes. The goal is to enable guest workers to not give up on their dreams through up-skilling and educational initiatives, which will give them a shot at a better life. Additionally, a series of recreational activities will be launched, from sports and community events to professional services. These programmes include:

  • Wellness Services (Medical Assistance, Legal Advice and Health Services) in partnership with government agencies and partners, such as SATA CommHealth, the Singapore Medical Association, HealthServe, and the Singapore Pastoral Institute. Guest workers will thus be able to access essential services at heavily subsidised costs.

  • Entertainment avenues include roadshows, talent competitions,   mobile thrift stores, and flea markets. The aim is to alleviate their feelings of homesickness and bring smiles to their faces.

  • Sports Initiatives such as football, cricket, basketball, badminton, and table tennis competitions, as well as introducing them to new forms of exercise, such as CrossFit. Mini-olympics  will also be organised with government agencies, such as the Singapore Sports Council and the Singapore Masters Athletics.

  • Education Opportunities To organise spoken English classes (Talk2Walk), financial management seminars (Money Talks), business management courses, computer literacy classes, career progression advice services, media programmes, and life skill courses - in partnership with SDI Academy, IPP Consulting, as well as trainers who have licenses to teach Microsoft and Adobe Photoshop skills.

  • Community Programmes To promote social integration, in partnership  with the Inter-Religious Organisation (Singapore)  and iFriend - a platform to connect Singaporeans with guest workers - facilitating the bridging of cultures through food exchanges and more.

For  more information on the aforementioned initiatives and ways to support and/or avail services and assistance, visit


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