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Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach Echoes Public Sentiments about Transportation of Migrant Workers

Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO), a movement of Hope Initiative Alliance (HIA), echoes the concerns of civil society groups and the general public about the transportation of migrant workers on lorries. Like many caring Singaporeans, we worry about our migrant worker brothers. We seek for this matter to receive its due urgent attention leading to a solution that prioritises the workers' safety while also keeping in view businesses' concerns.

Lead Director for AGWO, Rev. Samuel Gift, Stephen, says: "We regularly engage with our guest workers living in dormitories around Kranji, Tuas South, Terusan, Penjuru, and Cochrane areas. Therefore, we are aware of their concerns on this issue. At the same time, we partner with companies managing migrant workers, so we understand their need to consider business-related factors. Since COVID-19, we have been observing employers trying to make various improvements to the working conditions of migrant workers. Concerning the transportation of migrant workers, we need to work closely with them to identify how to overcome the operational complexities and shift to safer options. This has to happen soon. With the cooperation of the business sector, we can find a more sustainable way of ensuring road safety for our migrant brothers."

AGWO was established in 2019 to provide holistic care for migrant workers in Singapore who live in dormitories. Working with different partners, AGWO's team and volunteers offer social, psychological, physical health and spiritual support for migrant workers. The wide range of activities reaches out to about 30,000 migrant workers of different nationalities.

President of HIA, Rev. Ezekiel Tan, said: "We are with the civil society groups pushing for an improved change in how migrant workers are being transported. This concern comes from a place of care towards protecting workers' lives. We, too, share these sentiments."

"Our mission is to ensure migrant workers feel at home in Singapore. AGWO began with the principle of appreciating migrant workers as equals in our society. Therefore their safety is a big concern to us. In this regard, we support the appeal of reviewing the composition of the inter-agency group that includes all the stakeholders, such as the civil society groups , migrant worker representatives and relevant trade organisations and businesses. This will create an avenue for a critical dialogue that finds a practical solution with a sense of urgency.", said Rev. Tan.

AGWO appreciates that the Government is listening to the views of different stakeholders, and this is a work requiring careful consideration. We extend our cooperation and support on this matter.

AGWO Statement on Transportation of Migrant Workers on Lorries - 10 Aug 2023
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