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Gardens by the Bay Tours for Migrant Domestic Workers

Updated: Mar 28

On 20 November 2022, 100 people participated in ADEO’s first visit to the Flower Dome, sponsored and supported by Gardens by the Bay. During the visit, ADEO helped to befriend and take photos with the different groups of migrant domestic workers that attended the event.

ADEO is very thankful to have received the sponsorship to visit Flower Dome for free. This is the first of the six weekly visits to the Flower Dome, happening every Sunday from 20 November to 25 December 2022. Their sponsorship has reached out to a total number of 1552 migrant domestic sisters and volunteers in these 6 weeks,

During this first visit, ADEO had the opportunity to meet with many migrant domestic sisters who were excited to visit the iconic place of interest in Singapore. As the migrant domestic sisters came forward to collect their tickets, they demonstrated their immense gratitude to ADEO for organising such an event that was free, giving them the opportunity to destress and enjoy a day of fun with their fellow migrant domestic sisters. After distributing the tickets, ADEO had the opportunity to enter the Flower Dome as well to befriend and help these migrant domestic sisters take photos with the flowers and Christmas decorations. As the ADEO team walked around the Flower Dome, we were delighted and heartened to see the smiling faces of our migrant domestic sisters enjoying themselves, figuring out the different poses to take with the flowers.

One of the sisters said, ‘It’s our pleasure to be a part of ADEO. It is so much appreciated, we enjoyed it and were very happy together. Thank you to ADEO for kindly supporting us, we look forward to the next event!” Many other sisters appreciated ADEO for organising such an event, thanking ADEO for the goodness that we have given to them.

This is the second time that ADEO has organised visits to places in Singapore for our fellow migrant domestic sisters. Even though compiling and sorting out the little details wasn't easy, the words of reassurance from our migrant domestic sisters gave us the confidence and comfort that ADEO is on the right track in terms of doing good to benefit our migrant domestic sisters. ADEO hopes to secure more partnerships with other corporations and groups in the future, to continue to support our migrant domestic sisters as they take care of their homes away from home.


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