The Cow Cycle

Sponsoring a cow does not just help one family. It reproduces and will be able to help many more. They are able to help with agricultural work and can be sold as meat.

Plus, they are really cute.

A project with exponential benefits

According to official statistics, there are still approximately 30,460,000 people living under the poverty line of USD 250 (RMB 2300) in the year 2017.

Amidst the rapidly developing economy of China, we must always keep in mind that not everyone is reaping the benefits of a booming economy.

In the rural countryside, there are still people who are living in dilapidated houses, eating the plainest of meals, living a tedious and bitter life.

These people are constantly struggling to make ends meet. To them, success in life is but a distant dream.

八福基金会 ("Ba Fu Foundation"), an overseas partner of Hope Initiative Alliance, is organising the cow cycle project with the key focus of assisting rural villagers overcome the grasp of poverty.

Cows are useful to aid farmers in agriculture. They can also be raised and sold as meat. Within one and a half years, these cows will also be able to give birth to 3-4 other cows.

By sponsoring a cow, you will be able to lift an entire village out of poverty.

We welcome all to join Ba Fu in our work to lift rural villages out of poverty.

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