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Together for a Caring Singapore

A  fundraising initiative leading up to Singapore's 60th year of nationhood in 2025, dedicated to advocating for a more cohesive and caring society. It is grounded in the principles of interfaith charity, community volunteerism, and corporate social responsibility.


Interfaith Charity

Uniting Singapore leaders, citizens and residents from diverse racial and religious backgrounds for the common good through collaborative charitable activities.

Community Volunteerism

Encouraging people of different ages and backgrounds to connect and interact through volunteer activities, strengthening community bonds and social cohesion.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Bridging civil society's charity efforts with the business sector's social impact goals, fostering a synergistic relationship that amplifies societal benefits.

Support the Cause

The donations raised through the Singapore for Common Good will support Hope Initiative Alliance in performing charitable services, benefiting migrant workers living in dormitories, migrant domestic workers supporting households, families and children living in rental housing, vulnerable individuals in the community, and homeless individuals.

Charity Services

Special Projects

Together in Singapore

Bridging Social Distance Between Migrant Workers and Locals

In 2023, Hope Initiative Alliance launched the "Together in Singapore" campaign to promote inclusivity and hospitality toward migrant workers in Singapore, including those working in local households and those residing in dormitories. This campaign organized a series of activities from October to December, aiming to capture the voices of young Singaporeans and encourage efforts to foster a sense of belonging among migrant workers during their stay.

From 2024 to 2026, Hope Initiative Alliance, with the support of the Ministry of Manpower and other partners, intends to develop "Together in Singapore" into a comprehensive framework that facilitates meaningful interactions between locals and migrant workers. Through this project, Hope Initiative Alliance is creating a model that embeds empathetic dialogue, mutual understanding, and collaboration, enhancing community cohesion and inclusivity.



Sowing Care Together Leaders Programme

for CommLink+ Youths

A peer-befriending positive development model for youths living in rental housing

The Sowing Care Together Young Leaders Council, part of Hope Initiative Alliance, is working on launching a pilot project aimed at serving CommLink+ youths between 2024-2025. This initiative aims to establish a program tailored to meet the needs of youths aged 13-16 residing in rental housing in Singapore, particularly those at risk of not pursuing post-secondary education.

Hope Initiative Alliance has designed a positive youth development model based on the peer-befriending support system . This approach seeks to induce motivation in beneficiary youths to aspire, reflect and plan different pathways that will help them with life long learning. It also aims to nurture them towards leadership development.

By supporting this fundraising initiative, you empower Hope Initiative Alliance, our partners, and volunteers to work collectively towards a Singapore where every individual is valued and societal harmony is strengthened.


Join us in building a community where compassion and unity prevail, and contribute to a legacy of common good for generations to come as we celebrate 60 years of nation-building.

All  funds donation will be used for the following purposes: 

Charity Services

  • Sustaining regular charity services performed on a weekly and monthly basis

  • Planning and implementing special charity projects that pilot sustainable social impact programs to address identified social issues.

Community Outreach & Partnership

  • Undertaking community outreach and partnership development efforts through strategic communications and publicity.

  • Organising regular meeting and appreciation events to strengthen partnerships


  • Maintaining high standards of governance by implementing policies and operating procedures that are in line with charity code of governance.

Human Resources

  • Employing and retaining passionate and skilled staff for our charity activities, corporate services.

  • Implementing internship  and training programmes that inspire Singaporean citizens and residents towards charity sector

Volunteer Management

  • Maintaining a volunteer management function that oversees recruitment, awareness building, and appreciation of volunteers.

  • Organising regular meeting and appreciation events to build good relations with volunteer community

Public Relations & Comms

  • Maintaining consistent branding, marketing, and other publicity efforts that reach out to beneficiaries, partners, and donors.

Maximise Your Social Impact 

by Doubling Your Donation
with Enhanced Tax Benefits

Every dollar donated will also be eligible for a dollar-for-dollar match under the Tote Board’s Enhanced Fundraising Programme, multiplying the impact of your contribution towards the Singapore for Common Good fundraising campaign. Your support helps us foster a more caring and cohesive society through our charity activities.

All donations are eligible for a 250% tax deduction. Please provide your full name, contact number, and IC number (or UEN for corporate giving) to facilitate auto-inclusion in your tax assessment.

Please indicate "SG4 Common Good" as purpose of donation during the transaction.

Donation Modes

Please scan this QR code using your online banking app.

Alternatively, key in our UEN number, T04SS0054D, via your online banking app.


Please write the cheque to:
Hope Initiative Alliance 

 Indicate at the back of the cheque:

  • donor’s full name, phone number and email

  • purpose of donation

Cheques can be mailed to:

Hope Initiative Alliance

101 Eunos Avenue 3

TSL Building, #07-10

Singapore 409835

Cheques may also be banked into the following account:

Bank: Maybank Singapore Limited

Payee: Hope Initiative Alliance

A/C No: 04011128363


Please transfer the donation to the following bank account:

Account No: 04011128363

Name: Hope Initiative Alliance
Bank: Maybank Singapore Limited
Address: 2 Battery Road, Maybank Tower, Singapore 049907

Bank code: 7302

Branch code: 001
Swift code: MBBESGS2

In the reference/initials, please indicate 

  • donor’s name

  • purpose of donation

*Kindly note that any bank charges are to be borne by donors.

Bank Transfer

Please email the details of your bank transfer to with the following information:

  • Donor’s full name, contact number and email

  • NRIC/UEN number for tax-deductible donation receipts

  • Amount Donate

  • Date of Transaction

  • Indicate Purpose of Donation
    as "SG4 Common Good"

Please email the details of your bank transfer to with the following information:

  • Donor’s full name, contact number and email

  • NRIC/UEN number for tax-deductible donation receipts

  • Cheque No

  • Amount donated

  • Date of Posted

  • Indicate Purpose of Donation
    as "SG4 Common Good"

Please email the details of your bank transfer to with the following information:

  • Donor’s full name, contact number and email

  • NRIC/UEN number for tax-deductible donation receipts

  • Transaction reference no

  • Amount donated

  • Date of transfer

  • Indicate Purpose of Donation
    as "SG4 Common Good"

Remember to indicate "SG4 Common Good" as purpose of donation during transaction and in your email/form submission.

Submit Donation Details
Donation Mode
Would you like tax-deductible receipt?

Thank you for donating towards the 'Singapore for Common Good' fundraising campaign.We will be in touch with you soon.In the meantime, please contact us at for enquiries.

For Enquiries

Please contact us at if you require any clarifications or more information

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