Residential Rehabilitation Services

We believe in holistic rehabilitation for the reintegration back to society.

Holistic Rehabilitation

Character and skill development is essential in Breakthrough Missions' rehabilitation programmes. This programme take on a balanced approach to help applicants reintegrate into the society.

This rehabilitation programme emphasises on physical health, discipline, and skills training.

Our programme encompasses 7 key stages:

1. Adjustment Stage
  • Applicants will adjust into our programme. During this stage, applicants will cultivate the correct work attitude, discipline, and be trained.

2. Exploration Stage
  • Applicants will explore themselves; their strengths and their purpose in life. During this period, applicants will cultivate an interest in work and a willingness of the heart to contribute to society.​

3. Renewal Stage
  • During this stage, applicants will renew their goals and mission in life. They will also be given greater responsibilities and work opportunities.​

4. Training Stage
  • During this stage, applicants will be taught the concept of dedicated service as well as cultivating a good character. They will learn to adapt to different work environments ​

5. Testing Stage
  • During this stage, applicants prepare themselves to be reintegrated back to society. They will be integrated back into certain social communities and evaluated. Applicants will also be given on-the-job training as well as job counselling.​

6. Equipping Stage
  • During this stage, applicants will have their time and money management evaluated. Their social circle will also be evaluated.

7. Preparatory Stage
  • During the final stage of our programme, applicants will prepare themselves for the new chapter of life ahead of them. They will be taught about love, marriage, and family life. They are also expected to provide us with regular updates and actively seek opportunities for self-improvement in their working life.​