Free After School Care

Many families are unable to provide the care and love that children need as they are growing up. Providing free after-school care can change that.

A Safe Haven

Daily, countless people leave their families and travel out of their hometown and into cities to make a living. These children who are left in their hometown are called the "left-behind children".

Without adequate care provided by their parents, these children roam the streets, exposing themselves to bad influences that will lead them into crimes, prostitution, and other forms of danger.

Hopehome, an overseas partner of HIA, aims to change that by providing free after school care for these children. They recognizes that there are countless families who are struggling to live, let alone provide the care that their children require.

"It's free and open to all," said Ng Bao Yee, founder of Hopehome Family Welfare Association. "We do not want prejudices among the children. We want to open it to families who are truly in need."

Families go through a strict evaluation before their children are accepted into the programme. We evaluate their families' needs, the child's psychological conditions, and many other factors, before we accept them.

"I want to provide a safe haven for the children," said Gabrielle Low Lee Chin, a social worker working in the welfare association. "It's a place where all children are equally loved and cared for."