Education Assistance

Hope Initiative Alliance believe that addressing the educational needs of the youths is an essential step to poverty alleviation.

We create opportunities

According to official statistics, children living in poverty make up of 23% of the total population of students in China. Most of these students are children of migrants. On average, they only have the opportunity to meet their parents once every two years.

These children walk long walks through mountainous paths just to get to the local educational institutions. After school, these children also face a tedious load of household chores.

These children's sole desire is to venture beyond the rural areas to see the outside world, to be with their parents, and to work to share the load of their parents.

They desire to work hard to excel in their studies and not be bogged down by the pressures they face at home.

Hope Initiative Alliance partners with 八福基金会 ("Ba Fu Foundation") to raise funds to support children in need.

Families go through rigorous means-testing to ensure that these families are truly in need so as to ensure that every dollar that was raised are placed into good use.

As the saying goes, "To educate a child is to turn walls into doors".

We welcome all to join us in our work to support children in need.