'Our Place in the World' Launch & Receptions

'Our Place in the World' was launched on 31 January at Far East Plaza, Level 2 Concourse, with Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong as the Guest of Honour. The exhibition was open to the public from 1 to 28 February. There were also receptions held in February with Ministers Josephine Teo and Desmond Lee as Guests of Honour. Several Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament were present at the receptions to show their support for the cause. Mrs Dorothy Chan, Executive Director of Far East Organization, was also present at the launch and receptions.

Commemorating Singapore's Bicentennial Year

As Singapore commemorates the last 200 years of its history, it gives us good reason to pause, and reflect on its journey of transformation. We have so much to be grateful for in this jewel of a city-state.

Today, we are economically vibrant, we have a colourful cultural life, and a distinct national identity forged by strong bonds between all manner of communities that have been drawn to this little island.


However, just as we commemorate Singapore’s accomplishments, we also remember the vulnerable and marginalised; those who may be struggling or trailing behind because of circumstance or the lack of family or community support.

We believe we have to all move ahead, together. Helping entire communities at risk requires a collective effort, which is why we would like to work alongside government agencies and stakeholders.

Tan Chuan-Jin’s photographs, provides us a wonderful opportunity and platform to do just that. With his support, and your donations, we hope to fund programmes to reach families and individuals in need, and transform more lives for the better.

We believe, we are stronger when we work as one.

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Hope Initiative Alliance

Hope Initiative Alliance is a collective of multiple charities and non-profit organisations around the world that are fully invested in effectively helping those in need, namely, the poor, deprived, and marginalised. By pooling our expertise and network, we are better placed to bring Hope to these people.

We are partnering with multiple charities, each specialising in meeting the needs of a specific segment of the community. By working alongside them, we are able to increase the scope of our reach to a level we would not have reached on our own.


One of the many ways we support these outreaches is through fundraising. Proceeds from original products that are donated will go towards helping the various communities. We also solicit support from different organisations that too share our desire to support people in need.

Donate to Our Cause

The public can still view the limited edition Exclusive Metal Prints at Far East Plaza units 01-31, 01-32 and 01-50.


Limited edition metal prints ($ 10,000 each), premium photo book box sets ($ 5,000), publications ($ 1,000 each) and postcard packs ($ 50 each) will be available for donation. All proceeds will go towards supporting the 13 partnering charities.

Donations of $10,000 will receive:

Exclusive Metal Prints 

Autographed by Speaker of Parliament, Tan Chuan-Jin.

Donations of $5,000 will receive:

Autographed Photo Book with special print collectibles, and a personalised message from Speaker of Parliament, Tan Chuan-Jin. Limited to 100 copies.

Premium Photo Book Box set