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Hope Initiative Alliance Responds to Transporting Migrant Workers Using Lorries

19 August 2023

Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach and Sowing Care Together Organises Migrant Workers Interfaith Harmony Engagement with ES Group Holdings 

7 August 2023

Hope Initiative Alliance Responds to Rough Sleeper Situation in Singapore

2 May 2023

Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach Celebrates Labour Day with Sowers Novena

1 May 2023

Sowing Care Together Through Community Interfaith Iftar

20 April 2023

17 April 2023

13 April 2023

Hope Initiative Alliance Quoted in Speech by Senior Minister of State for Defence and Manpower Zaqy Mohamad at the COVID-19 AAR White Paper Parliamentary Debate

21 March 2023

Hope Initiative Alliance Receives Standing Ovation in Parliament for COVID-19 Front-liners

21 March 2023


AGWO and Rotary Club of Singapore Launches Cricket Training Programme in Tuas South Recreation Centre

19 March 2023


Hope Initiative Alliance responds to Budget 2023's Extension of 250% tax deduction for donations until 2026

21 February 2023


The Alphabet Project Co-organises New Year Eve Celebration

31 December 2022

Alliance of Domestic Employees Outreach Improves Lives of 5000 Migrant Domestic Workers, Celebrates First Anniversary

18 December 2022

HIA, AGWO, ADEO and MOM Celebrates International Migrants Month for 9300 Guest Workers at Little India

18 December 2022

AGWO Organises Safety Measure Awareness Carnival for 600 Guest Workers

27 November 2022

AGWO Celebrates Deepavali with 200 Guest Workers

23 October 2022

Hope Initiative Alliances Launches The Alphabet Project (TAP) - Over 1,000 children from low-income families to benefit from literacy classes

2 July 2022


ADEO Celebrates International Domestic Workers' Day with 200 Foreign Domestic Workers

19 June 2022

AGWO Celebrates Hari Raya at Tuas South Recreation Centre with 3000 Guest Workers

3 May 2022

AGWO Organises Ramadan Prayer at Kranji Recreation Centre

13 April 2022

Ending Homelessness Together

15 March 2022

Love Your (Unseen) Neighbours Movement

14 February 2022

ADEO Organises Outing with Foreign Domestic Workers

30 January 2022

AGWO Celebrates Pongal Festival with Guest Workers

16 January 2022


AGWO brings Christmas cheer to migrant workers

27 December 2021

Ending Homelessness Together

4 December 2021

Hope Initiative Alliance Launches Alliance of Domestic Employees Outreach (ADEO)

12 December 2021

AGWO Celebrates Deepavali with Guest Workers

4-7 November 2021

AGWO Responds to Guest Workers Returning to Little India for Deepavali Festivities

26 September 2021

AGWO Celebrates National Day (Virtual) with Guest Workers

8 August 2021

The Big Read: Grappling with isolation, migrant workers in dorms long for a return to the wider community
8 August 2021

AGWO Celebrates Hari Raya with Guest Workers

13 May 2021

Hope Initiative Alliance and Hindu Endowments Board Packs and Distributes Dates for Ramadan

3 May 2021


Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach Responds to Safety of Migrant Workers

27 April 2021


Hope Initiative Alliances Launches SowCare Together

3 April 2021


AGWO Distributes Deepavali Festive Meals for Guest Workers

14 November 2020

Hope Initiative Alliance Receives President's Volunteerism & Philanthropy (PVPA) Awards

16 October 2020

Project Sunshine: Organised Outing for Guest Workers

2 September 2020

AGWO Responds to Mental Health of Guest Workers Living In Dormitories

6 August 2020

Fullerton Hotel Partners with AGWO to Prepare Meals for Guest Workers

20 June 2020

AGWO Distributes Prayer Mats with Ministry of Manpower for Guest Workers

9 May 2020

HIA Volunteer Reaches Out to Guest Workers Living in Dormitories

9 May 2020

Michelin Star Straits Clan Partners with AGWO and 10 NGO to Prepare Meals for Guest Workers

24 April 2020


AGWO Responds to Meal Provision for Guest Workers

​21 April 2020


Care Meals Distribution for Guest Workers Amid COVID-19 Situation

April - June 2020

Safe Sound Sleeping Places (S3P) for the Homeless
April 2020 - Present

The Innkeeper’s Project - Help for the Homeless
April 2020 - Present

AGWO Distributes Festive Care Packs for Vesak Day & Ramadan

May 2020


AGWO Launches Adopt-a-Dorm System
22 April 2020

AGWO Good Friday Care Meals Distribution
10 April 2020

SG United Amidst Adversity
26 March 2020


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