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Love Your (Unseen) Neighbour

To bring love and warmth to the vulnerable & underprivileged community, HIA started a new movement called Love Your (Unseen) Neighbours together with various partners, volunteers and government agencies to extend our love and care to the most neglected community in Singapore.


The beneficiaries that we served through this initiative included the cardboard collectors and the weak & vulnerable elderlies in our neighbourhood. We hope to raise funds to reach out to up to 200 families to provide them with some financial assistance and goodie bags filled with daily household necessities like fresh vegetables, fruits, meals, rice, masks, etc.  


Through this initiative, we hope to show our love and warmth, and bring about immense cheer and joy to these unseen neighbours in our community. Love Your (Unseen) Neighbours initiative encourages the act of love, the exhibition of compassion and empathy for people who are in a less well-off state than us, which more often may also be unseen by us.  


Thinking of how you can play your part in extending compassion to the vulnerable and underprivileged community in Singapore? Make a donation or volunteer as a Befriender to support this initiative now. Your donation will go a long way in helping the vulnerable and underprivileged to give them hope and positively improving their quality of life. Your generosity will leave a lasting impact on their lives. For more information, you can email us at

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